• Martha Hunt (UK)

    Martha Hunt (UK)

    Born in England, Martha has been skiing her whole life and carries 25 years of backcountry skiing experience. She is a qualified ski instructor, master yachtsman, a lead guide at Great Northern Powdercats in Montana, and  a Cordon Bleu chef. Our most experienced member at sea, she will provide mentorship throughout the trip.

  • McKenna Peterson (USA)

    McKenna Peterson (USA)

    McKenna is the quintessential “ski bum.” Also a former Freeskiing World Tour competitor, McKenna spends most of her winter backcountry skiing and chasing snow. She works on a fishing boat in Alaska during the summer months to continue to have winters off. Mckenna has nine years of backcountry skiing experience with extensive trips in Idaho, Utah, Montana, Washington, and British Columbia.


  • Nat Segal (AUS)

    Nat Segal (AUS)

    Born and bred as a skier in Australia’s Victorian Alps, Nat has pursued downhill, moguls, freestyle and free ride skiing since the ripe old age of two. She has competed, coached and traveled as a ski bum. Following her graduation from university, she returned to competitive skiing in 2010 to compete on the Freeskiing and Freeride World Tour. Nat is now focused on qualifying for the 2016 Freeride World Tour and working on a range of projects, which includes helping to produce a short documentary film for Shifting Ice and Changing Tides and filming with Shades of Winter.


  • KT Miller (USA)

    KT Miller (USA)

    Kt is a passionate photographer, cinematographer, and conservationist who loves to spend time in the mountains. She has a deep love for adventures with skis afoot and recently documented and skied Denali (Mt. McKinley 20,320’) and laid down first descents in the Transylvanian Alps. Her work has been featured in publications such as Red Bull, ESPN, and Freeskier. Kt spends multiple months each year in the Arctic working in climate change education and media with Polar Bears International. She is thrilled to be documenting this expedition and communicating solutions to the climate crisis for future generations of snow enthusiasts.

  • Meghan Kelly (USA)

    Meghan Kelly (USA)

    Meghan is an engineer and scientist working to protect Lake Tahoe. She also teaches college courses covering current environmental issues. Meghan has competed in big mountain skiing competitions, skied many of the highest peaks in California, and filmed in Alaska for an all-women’s ski movie. Meghan currently heads up the California chapter of SheJumps.


  • Pip Hunt (USA)

    Pip Hunt (USA)

    Former Freeskiing World Tour competitor (with many top 5 finishes), Pip Hunt has been pursuing a skiing career from a young age. Pip has over eight years of backcountry skiing experience in ski touring and glacial travel in the Chugach, Chamonix, and Patagonia. Pip also works on the other side of the screen as a freelance writer, contributing to publications such as ESPN and Powder Magazine.