Polartec Challenge 2013

Every year world-class athletes benefit from the Polartec® Challenge, an international award program encouraging the spirit and practice of outdoor adventure. From the sharp granite cliffs of Southern Africa to heights of the Himalayas, these men and women are dedicated to the pursuit of excitement and discovery. 

It was two weeks before the grant was due when Meghan Kelly sent out the email. “Anyone interested in brainstorming about a trip for the Polartec Challenge Grant? I’ve always wanted to apply and I’d love to hear your ideas!”

A couple days later, Nat Segal, Mckenna Peterson, Meghan Kelly and Pip Hunt sat around Skype, brainstorming, discussing dream trips, and drawing polar bears, skis, and ships. A sailing and skiing expedition to Greenland seemed like the wackiest thing we could actually pull off, so we set our sights on the South West coast and applied for the Challenge Grant.

Three weeks later, our team was the proud recipient of the Polartec Challenge Grant program. This grant is the foundation for our expedition in March. Thank-you Polartec for the support, we are really looking forward to working with you over the coming year.

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About the Polartec® Challenge Grant
The annual Polartec® Challenge Grant seeks to assist frugal, low impact teams who respect the local culture and environment and serve as role models to outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Applications are evaluated on the basis of their vision, commitment and credibility. Past recipients of the Polartec® Challenge Grant include outdoor pioneers and adventurers such as Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, Steve House, Marko Prezelj, Andrew McLean and John Shipton.

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