Meet our Team: Nat Segal

Name: Nat Segal

Born: Melbourne, Australia

Live: Nowhere in particular

Home Resort: Treble Cone (NZ), Jackson Hole (USA)

Sponsors: Völkl Skis, Marker Protection, Strafe Outerwear, ION cameras,, Nivose Gear

Tell us about how you learnt to ski- were you a downhill racer in a speedy race suit, or was freeriding more you thing?

My skiing childhood was all encompassing. My mum was a keen skier and was a volunteer ski patroller in Australia while she was in medical school. There are four kids in my family and the minute she got my older sister hooked (at the young age of about four)- my mum’s weekends during winter were ruined. As kids we spent nearly every weekend at our local ski hill, Mt Buller, racing in alpine, skiing moguls and occasionally even competing in nordic skiing and snowboarding (I was literally bribed with lollypops by my school to compete in border-cross, I never got any).

Anna and Nat

Nat and her older sister putting out the vibe at Mt Buller, AUS

What do you when you aren’t climbing mountains and hunting for powder?

Sometimes I’m not sure where my time goes when I’m not skiing- I feel much less productive. I have a Bachelor in Fine Arts (Painting) that I now only use to help step up shots with photographers and an incredible history of odd jobs from working my summers away, saving money for skiing. In my downtime I like to write, do yoga, cook and eat delicious food and I’m definitely a cinephile. Being outside is also pretty cool.

 Why Greenland?

For a long time I have been interested in skiing in Antarctica; partly because I want to ski on all of the continents of the world and otherwise because it is a huge icecap, a seal’s throw away from my home town. When we first started conjuring an expedition based on first descents an adventure, Greenland was thrown in the mix by Meghan Kelly. For me the Arctic and Greenland are the perfect training ground to start gaining experience for future trips to other icy lands.

Natalie Segal hikes on Cody Peak in the backcountry of the Teton Mountain Range, Wyoming. Photo: Jay Goodrich,

What most scares you about the upcoming expedition?

Polar Bears.

What are you most excited about?

Everything- I’m almost excited about being sea sick I’m so excited. I honestly don’t know how to express myself on this point. This expedition is going to be amazing on so many levels- I just feel lucky to be apart of such a passionate, visionary team.

Nat Segal riding down next to Albert Ice Fall in the Selkirk mountains. Photo: Emily Polar

Why do you think this expedition is important?

What Mckenna said, “Learn. Create. Discover. Inspire. Teach.”

However, I also like to think that projects like this are important on a personal level to take you outside of your comfort zone, to go on a ‘real’ adventure where you are not ready for the challenges and you need to think on your feet and be strong, accepting and forever optimistic.

“Real adventure is defined best as a journey from which you may not come back alive, and certainly not as the same person.” Yvon Chouinard
What are you hoping to take away from the project?

Everything an anything but most importantly a story to share.

Handstands make everything better

Sometimes life is better when it’s on its head.

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