Meet our Team: Meghan Kelly

Name: Meghan Kelly

Born: 05.30.1979

Live: South Lake Tahoe, CA

Home Resort: Kirkwood Mountain Resort

Sponsors: Elevenate, Kirkwood, Scarpa, Nature’s Bakery, Kind Designs, Astis, Moonlight Skis, Tahoe Lab

Tell us about how you learnt to ski- were you a downhill racer in a speedy
race suit, or was freeriding more you thing?

I don’t have the traditional “professional skier” background. My parents only skied a bit and so I learned to ski on hills and old landfills in Michigan in a Friday and Saturday after school program. I was never as cool as the kids who spent their breaks skiing in Colorado and Utah, but I had determination, fearlessness, and work ethic on my side. When I went to college on the east coast, I got a $99 season pass and tried to go as much as possible, but I really became a dedicated skier when I moved to Lake Tahoe in 2006 and picked up telemark skiing during a less than stellar winter. It’s taken me eight years of skiing over 100 days a year to be able to hang with this crew!


What do you when you aren’t climbing mountains and hunting for powder?
I do 1,000 differents things! It suits my personality. I’m a professional engineer fixing Lake Tahoe’s streams and water quality. I teach a few college classes in the evenings. I am the California Regional Coordinator for SheJumps and try to host an event every few months getting more girls and women connected and outside. I spend time with my new puppy Scout and my husband. And of course I do all the other outdoor sports California has to offer – biking, sailing, climbing, kayaking, and surfing among others!


Meghan and Scout


Why Greenland?
Greenland is this place I always seem to talk about in my classes. It is the global point for so many important weather patterns start. Since the poles are the areas most sensitive to warming in the climate models, it seems like a place we need to see now.

What most scares you about the upcoming expedition?

Hands down being on a sailboat in the open ocean.


Meghan working on her sailing skills


What are you most excited about?
Seeing the Greenland land mass after the 3 or 4 day long open water sail.

Why do you think this expedition is important?
This expedition hasn’t even happened and it has inspired so many people to dream big and work relentlessly to achieve one big goal. That alone makes it important. Just like that quote:

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Howard Thurman




What are you hoping to take away from the project?
Personally – more knowledge about mountains, the ocean, snowpack, safe travel, skiing, and unique people and animals in remote places. Physically, a photo of me (safely on the boat) with a polar bear in the background.

Any other interesting fact about you:
I write different songs and raps all the time and especially when skinning. It helps pass the time.

Mt Shasta, Photo: Lynsey Dyer

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