Meet our Team: Mckenna Peterson

Name: McKenna Peterson

Born: Sun Valley, ID

Live: Salt Lake City, UT

Home Resort: Alta

Sponsors: K2, Scott USA, Voke Tab, Cast Touring, Beyond Coastal Sun Care

Tell us about how you learnt to ski- were you a downhill racer in a speedy race suit, or was freeriding more you thing?

I definitely rocked the speed suit. My parents are both big skiers so they had me on snow before I could walk. I ski raced until I was 19, when I discovered ‘freeriding’.

Learning to ski at Sun Valley

What do you when you aren’t climbing mountains and hunting for powder?

Along with skiing; rock climbing, mountain biking, and yoga are my major passions. Luckily I live a life where I am able to spend a lot of time playing in the mountains. In the summers I work on my dads commercial fishing boat. I also squeeze in one semester of college every year at the University of Utah. If only there was more time…

Down time on the fishing boat

Why Greenland?

Why not? I am attracted to the remoteness and vast unknown of Greenland. I also think it will be eye opening for all of us to see the dramatic change of the ice sheet.

What most scares you about the upcoming expedition?

I have a fear of running out of water. Thats all.

What are you most excited about?

The adventure! Simply figuring it out as we go along.

Mckenna in the mountains

Why do you think this expedition is important?

Learn. Create. Discover. Inspire. Teach.

What are you hoping to take away from the project?

You never know until you go. I am excited to see.

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3 responses to “Meet our Team: Mckenna Peterson”

  1. Glenna Green says:

    Good luck Mc Kenna, stay safe, explore and have fun!

  2. […] McKenna Peterson, the quintessential “ski bum” is a former Freeskiing World Tour competitor. McKenna winters in the mountains chasing snow and summers on a fishing boat in Alaska. More about McKenna at Shifting Ice and […]

  3. Grandpa says:

    Love your trip and all the pictures. Send lots and we love you. Reminds me of my 2+ months doing oceanographic research in the Arctic in 1963 on Icebreaker Northwind.

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