Meet our Team: KT Miller

photo by Ryan Thompson

Name: Kt Miller

Born: Bozeman, Montana

Live: Bozeman, mostly…

Home Resort: Bridger Bowl

Sponsors: Dynafit, Surface Skis, Julbo, Voke Tab


Tell us about how you learnt to ski- were you a downhill racer in a speedy race suit, or was freeriding more you thing?

I was born in July. Opening day of Bridger Bowl that same year I was cruising around in a backpack with my dad. My dad skied 100+ days a year back then… My parents wouldn’t let me do any organized sports in the winter because it interfered with skiing. I pretty much chased my dad and brother around on the Ridge at Bridger. One thing led to another…

KT ditching school for powder with her dad

KT ditching school for powder with her dad

What do you when you aren’t climbing mountains and hunting for powder?

These days I put in a lot of screen time. I used to spend hours and hours in the darkroom. I also love yoga, reading, writing, listening to NPR, trail running, star gazing, and sitting in the Montana wilderness listening to the wind blow. I also spend a lot of time in the north hanging out with Polar Bears and working on various climate change education programs for Polar Bears International.

KT couloir skiing in the Transylvania Alps

KT couloir skiing in the Transylvania Alps

Why Greenland?

Greenland, along with the rest of the Arctic is seeing rapid changes due to the warming climate. Home to the second largest ice sheet in the world, Greenland is a huge climate change indicator. The Greenland ice sheet occupies about 82% of the surface of Greenland, and if melted would cause sea levels to rise by 7.2 metres! Ocean currents are also carrying high concentrations of pollutants to the coast of Greenland that are having large impacts on the ecosystem there. The pollutants have impacts everywhere, but are being studied in Greenland, which is the important factor. The scientific research and infrastructure there is helping scientists understand what is happening with pollutants and leading to awareness and elimination of harmful substances that are the cause. Why skiing then? Isn’t that selfish? Well, this expedition will help document, in a rarely visited region the impacts that climate change is having. It also provides an opportunity to educate and inspire a demographic of outdoor enthusiasts that have the ability (and hopefully the environmental stewardship and passion) to take action to stop climate change.

What most scares you about the upcoming expedition?

Weather, waves, and multiple days at sea with nothing but ocean on the horizon… eeek!

What are you most excited about?

All of the amazing ladies that I get to go on this trip with! I also LOVE the light in the north. High latitudes often provide stunning displays of light, incredible sunrises and sunsets, and perhaps if we are lucky some aurora!

On staff with Polar Bears International


Why do you think this expedition is important?

I think that climate change research, education, and action is URGENT and important. This trip will tell a story and a message with a broad reach. I think it is important to communicate this message, inspire action, and ask more of those who already have a passion for the environment.

What are you hoping to take away from the project?

A massive amount of inspirational media content to help spread climate change awareness. An amazing new group of friends and mountain partners. Fuel for my soul, which is intensely addicted to skiing and challenging myself in vertical environments.

Any other interesting fact about you:

Ketchup terrifies me. Along, with most other things that come in plastic bottles, make weird noises when you squeeze them, and develop crusties around the lid.

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