Leaving Iceland

The team (Pip Hunt, Nat Segal, Meghan Kelly, Martha Hunt and Mckenna Peterson) above La Louise.

The team safely arrived in Ísafjörður on Wednesday night after a long, windy drive up the roads (sometimes dirt) of West Iceland. You can see our route and other progress on our Delorme map page.



Pit- stop on the west fjords during our ten hour drive


Once arriving in town, we boarded the Aurora Arktika, an Icelantic sail boat, and were met with a late night fish stew brewed by owner and skipper Siggi. We have spent the last two days on Siggi’s boat, exploring the north-western fjords on foot, skis and stand up paddle boards. We can’t wait to share some of the incredible scenery we captured with you once we get back from Greenland.

We will be boarding La Louise this afternoon, with the hopes of setting sail for Greenland this weekend. The open water crossing from Ísafjörður to our first port of call in Greenland (Paaimut) is expected to take 4-6 days sailing, so we will need to wait for an appropriate weather window.

In the meantime, you’ll find us posted up, draining the internet from local Ísafjörður ski bum, Camilla Edwards.

Be sure to follow our progress on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

While we are on La Louise (March 29th- April 18th), we will have limited contact but we will be posting text updates on the Shifting Ice Facebook Page via our inReach Delorme.

On our Facebook page there is also an app called ‘inReach Expedition Location’ where we will be dropping pins from our GPS so you can track our progress. If you can’t view this via Facebook, you can also view it here. Make sure you check out the ‘aerial’ view!


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    Way to go girls!! Looks like fun. Snowing here in Jackson.

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