Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation

One of the reasons that our team decided to make Greenland our destination was because we desired to have a better understanding of the exquisite, fragile and remote environment that exists along it’s shores. We also believed that it would give us a rare opportunity to share our experiences and bring awareness to the current conditions of this unique ecosystem and the way in which climate change is impacting it.

Consequently, Shifting Ice and Changing Tides has partnered with Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation to assist with various environmental research projects during the course of the journey. We are excited to collect data for the following projects:


Snow/Ice Collection and Evaluation for Organic Pollutants

This work will support the research of Dr. Natalie Kehrwald from the University of Venice who is studying the spatial distribution of aerosols and other organic pollutants and their relationship to glacial melt. Data from Snow/Ice Collection may help scientists understand past and present climate events.


Marine Microplastics 

We’ll be collecting water samples from the sail boat for further analysis in the lab. 85 percent of samples collected have tested positive for microplastics. Goals of the study are to identify the major sources of microplastics and determine their toxic potential.


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